Book Group

Disclaimer: you might not want to put this book down

Join us for the launch of what could be the latest global must-read…and the author is our neighbour

We all remember where we were when big events took place….so on 16th April make sure you’re here at 7.30pm for the launch of what is set to be one of the most talked about novels of 2015.


Disclaimer is not only a completely brilliant psychological thriller of the very highest order, but it’s written by Renee Knight, a West Hampstead scriptwriter. What can we tell you other than it’s superbly plotted with strong, believable characters, appeal across all ages and both sexes and pacing that will have you cancelling appointments to grab just a few more precious minutes with it.


It doesn’t get much better than this so please join us to raise a glass to Renee, who is set to becoem the pride of NW6, England and the literary world. Would we lie to you? RSVP via 0207 431 3770/ or @WELBooks