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Our literary, literally LOL, launch party!

Bring your kids to the launch of Jeff Norton’s latest pre-teen caper

Let’s face it, it can be an uphill struggle to impress your pre-teen kids, so here’s a golden opportunity to earn some major brownie points and enjoy a bit of a social too . We’re delighted to be hosting the launch for local author Jeff Norton‘s latest pre-teen adventure, Memoirs of A Neurotic Zombie here on July 30th (6.30pm) and we’d love it if you could join us.

After the high octane thrills of Jeff’s excellent bestselling Meta Wars save-the-world adventure series, Neurotic Zombie provides some light relief…and a lot of laughs. Adam Meltzer’s pretty much your average pre-teen, with one tiny extra detail: he is a zombie. But in an effort to prove that zombies aren’t all brain-dead monsters, he writes a journal and even solves the mystery of his own murder in the process.

Introduce this to your child and experience something you haven’t had at home in years: pindrop silence, punctuated, naturally, by the ocasional shriek of laughter.

Please RSVP and we’ll put your name on the undead guest list!


Behind every great man … there’s another

Find out why being top isn’t always the best result

Consiglieri is that rarest of things: a witty business book. Richard Hytner, himself a consiglieri at Saatchi, brings the second-in-commands out of the shadows in his new book and also in the shop when he visits on 24 July at 7.30pm to reveal what motivates these crucial deputies, with case studies of powerful figures such from contemporaries such as Hillary Clinton, Peter Mandelson and Alistair Campbell right through to Rasputin and Machiavelli himself.

Entry is free but please phone us on 020 7431 3770 or email us at to book your place.

Viv Groskop: You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry

Meet writer/comedian Viv Groskop on her last date before the Edinburgh Festival

Viv Groskop is our kind of woman: in a word, fearless! On the cusp of 40 and with three kids and a (stand-up comedy hating) husband at home, she set out to become a stand up comedian – not with a few experimental gigs, but with 100 dates in 100 days.
Find out what happened next and how, sometimes, you can follow your heart without giving up your day job, when Viv visits the shop to talk about her book, I Laughed I Cried: 1 Woman 100 Dates And The Mother Of All Challenges at 7.30 on 29 July. Free entry, but please book by phoning us on 020 7431 3770 or emailing us at the usual address.

Crime wave hits NW6!

Join us for a thriller double header 19 June

You can’t beat a delicious thriller for a sure-fire holiday read (or anytime, anywhere if you ask me) so we are delighted to invite you to meet two of the country’s hottest new thriller writers on June 19 when Sarah Hilary, author of the unputdownable Someone Else’s Skin joins Alex Marwood, writer of the much lauded Wicked Girls and its equally gripping follow up, the newly puiblished The Killer Next Door, for a double crime talk on June 19 at 7.30.

Someone Else’s Skin introduces a brilliant new cop top the pantheon of fantastic femmes noir in the shape of Marnie Rome and puts a decisively fresh spin on the police procedural that had us turning pages way past bedtime. The Killer Next Door, meanwhile, is set in London and focuses on one particular house whose residents’ lives throb with secrets; when an accident occurs, the neighbours are thrown into an unlikely and uneasy alliance, but one has a lot more to hide than the others! You may want to read this with the lights on.

To book your free seat at the talk, simply email or call ( 431 3770)

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