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Not tonight, Josephine

Meet Deborah Jay and hear all about Napoleon’s Other Wife

Winston and Clementine, Harold and Mary, Henry and Eleanor, even Adolf and Eva. We can all name the big name political/historic double acts…but Napoleon and Marie-Louise...who’s she? Which is exactly why we are excited to welcome Deborah Jay to the shop at 7.30 on 15 Sept when she will be telling us all about, quite literally, Napoleon’s Other Wife.

What she has discovered is a beguiling portrait of a feisty and intelligent woman that history may have overlooked, but was so very much more than a Hapsburg Housewife.

To hear more, please book your free  place via 0207 431 3770/

Ten Days, one night in September

Book now to hear Gillian Slovo talk about her latest novel

Our literary cup runs over in West Hampstead where you can heardly cross the road without bumping into one writer or another.

But there is none finer than NW6′s Gillian Slovo, who will be talking about and signing copies of her London political thriller, 10 days, on Sept 8 at 7.30.

A prescient and acute indictment of the power play between politicians and the police, 10 Days depicts what happens when the hard realities of life in London collide with policing and politics.

If you’d like to attend, booking is free. Secure your seat via or 0207 431 3770